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10 Best Courses for Starting Your Own Online Business


  1. Genie Script – Manifestation Course by Wesley Virgin
  2. Mental Time Travel System
  3. Keystone Investors Club (mentorship program)
  4. TikTok Marketing (viral secrets of TikTok short course)
  5. Bots Live Trading Room (Mentorship Program For Trading and Investing)
  6. Decentralized Finance to the web 3.0: Block Chain and Crypto Applications
  7. Introduction to Negotiations
  8. Brand Identity and Strategy
  9. Sales Training
  10. Public Speaking: Essential Skills

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Do you want to start a business online? Or should you enroll in an online course to improve your skills?

Good question – I have thought a lot about this one.

According to apollo technical 29% of people want to be their own boss, which is a great motivation.

However, 20% of startup businesses fail within their first year if there’s no market for their product or service.

Startup entrepreneurs need to know the risks and challenges of starting a company. These risks and challenges of starting a business are briefly summarized below:

It can be difficult to develop a business plan and vision.

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