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Best Case for the Ledger Nano X


The Ledger Nano X is possibly the best hardware wallet for storing cryptocurrency. But what’s the best way to store a Nano X?

I’ll show you the waterproof case that I found for storing my Nano X. Also find out the reasons why I like this case best, and how you can get one too.

But first, let’s take a minute to discuss what makes an ideal case.

Criteria for the Best Nano X Case

There were several characteristics that I was looking for in a high-quality case for my hardware wallet.

The first criteria was it had to be a hard case. I feel that a case should provide at least a minimum amount of crush protection. It doesn’t have to be bulletproof, but it must be sturdy.

A tube seemed like the most efficient design because it takes up the least amount of space.

Second, I wanted a case that’s waterproof. Since the Nano X is an electronic device, it’s a good idea to keep the water out. That’s probably obvious to you, but there are a lot of cases out there that are not waterproof.

Finally, I wanted a case that’s made out of metal. This can help protect the device against an EMP (electromagnetic pulse). The chances of that actually happening are probably minimal.

But when all of your cryptocurrency is on the line, it’s best to take as many precautions as possible.

A metal case should also be made out of a rust-free metal. It would suck if the case got rusted shut and you weren’t able to get your Nano X out.

My Pick for the Best Ledger Nano X Case

Alright, now you might be expecting a $100 case, or something in that price range. But luckily you don’t have to drop a lot of cash to protect your valuable cryptocurrency wallet.

I’ve found that this little $7 case does the job really well.

Waterproof case

However, there’s one small drawback to this case. But it can be fixed easily and once you’ve fixed it, you’ll have the perfect case.

The case I use is the HRX Outdoor EDC Survival Container. It’s very well made.

There are other “brands” that look similar, so you can check those out too. They are probably all made in the same place anyway. Just be sure that the dimensions are the same so they fit your Nano X.

I really like this case because it has everything that I was looking for. The cap screws on smoothly and there’s a rubber gasket to keep the moisture out. They even send you an extra gasket in case the first one gets worn or dries out.

It’s made out of aluminum, so it’s lightweight, durable and won’t rust.

The only issue that I had with it when I first got is was the Nano would rattle around on the inside.

To solve that problem, I simply wrapped the Nano in a small ziplock bag before I put it into the case. This gives it an extra layer of water protection and pads the Nano X so it doesn’t get banged up.

The case is a little too big for a Nano S, but if you put in the ziplock bag, it works perfectly. There’s also enough room for a USB thumb drive or a SD card.

Nano X Case Demonstration Video

Here’s a video of the case in action. I’ll show you the plastic bag I use and also how to store a Nano S.

Final Thoughts on Nano X Cases

Even if you have the best storage case in the world for your Ledger wallets, accidents can happen.

This case does not protect against extreme temperatures. I don’t think that any off-the-shelf case can.

So be sure to back up your seed phrase on a physical device like a metal seed backup or at least a piece of paper.

You can also use this case to store your backup USB thumb drives. It’s a fantastic storage solution, especially for the money.

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