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Best TradingView Indicators For Day Trading Forex


TradingView has a lot of great features. You can access a lot of free indicators made by TradingView and its members.

TradingView presents a challenge. You could spend hours looking through all the indicators only to find nothing.

It can be frustrating. 

It is not easy to find great indicators if they have strange names.

I will save you time by giving you the TradingView indicators you need. Forex day traders.

Last Day High Low Indicator

There are quite some previous day high/low indicators but they are most distracting.

I need the minimum information for my chart, and this indicator meets the description.

It is possible to also track weekly, monthly highs/lows on one chart.

In the above example, I have marked the daily high/low for the past two days. For day trading, this is the most valuable information I have.

You can see how the price relates to these levels.

Search for: DWM HL TradingView.

It is one of those rare cases where the creator gave it an unusual name. This makes it difficult to find.

You now know how…

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