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Binance US renews bid for Voyager

Binance US renews bid for Voyager

Binance’s initial bid for acquisition was rejected and rumors surfaced that the reason for the rejection was alleged concerns of national security threats to the US government. CZ said that rumors were not true and suggested that FTX may have spread them.

He said:

Changpeng Zhao, Binance

Changpeng Zhao
Source: LinkedIn

We were never concerned about Binance US participating or us taking part in the bid.

CZ was added:

Binance isn’t a Chinese company. We have no connection to China. I have to repeat this many times just because I look Chinese but I’ve been a Canadian for thirty years.

CZ mentioned that FTX was unable to carry out their plan and Binance will try again.

FTX’s collapse started with a liquidity crisis and Binance initially offered to acquire the exchange’s US assets but backed out almost immediately, citing failed due diligence checks.

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