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Bitcoin and Ethereum: Bitcoin returns to $30000

Bitcoin and Ethereum: Bitcoin returns to $30000

 Bitcoin and Ethereum: Bitcoin is back at $30000

  • Bitcoin’s price fell to $29122 today. 
  • Today, the price of Ethereum has fallen to $2053. 

Bitcoin Chart Analysis

This morning, bitcoin’s price fell to $29122. A new seven-day bottom was thus formed. Bitcoin was down at that level for only a short period of time before returning to $29400. After that, Bitcoin continued with a positive consolidation and rose $29900. What is important is that we’re back above the EMA50. We can expect the bullish trend to continue above the $30k level. Possible higher targets include $30250 and $30550 levels. A price pullback under the EMA50 and $29800 is required for a bearish scenario. This could increase price pressure and lead to a further decline. Lower targets could be $29600 level and $29400.

Bitcoin chart analysis

Ethereum Chart Analysis

The price of Ethereum fell to $2053 this morning. We briefly fell and returned quickly to the level of $2080. With bullish consolidation it rises above the $2100 mark. There is a consolidation above that level and we are currently…

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