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Bitcoin reaches $29K

Bitcoin reaches $29K

Bitcoin Price Pushes Above $29,000

Bitcoin has risen above $29,000 since the US Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 25 basis points. Analysts suggest that the sharp decline is in the narrow steps of a month’s trading on the upside.

The SEC has decided to exclude a definition for digital assets from the hedge fund ruling. This could indicate its intention to regulate crypto more precisely.

After some setbacks, Bitcoin and other top crypto tokens are mostly back in positive mode ahead of the US Federal Reserve’s monetary policy implementation later in the day. The US central banks is awaiting an increase in interest rates of 25 basis points. Korean crypto markets are returning back to their former positions.

Bitcoin has risen in value as the largest cryptocurrency token gained an additional 2 percent within the last 24 hour to reach $29,000. Ethereum had similar results. The second-largest cryptocurrency asset increased by 2 percent.

Bitcoin has regained its former activity. The Fed has hinted that Wednesday’s rate hike may be the last for this stage.

Other crypto activities

On Thursday, all top crypto tokens except XRP Tether traded higher. Solana gained 2 percent. Dogecoin Shiba Inu and Cardano followed closely behind.

The global crypto…

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