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Broadridge appoints Jim Kwiatkowski to be CEO of LTX


Vijay Mayadas President, Capital Markets at Broadridge said

Jim Kwiatkowski has the expertise and experience to lead the LTX platform. Jim Toffey’s entrepreneurial vision has been instrumental in establishing LTX as a differentiated platform that enables dealers and their buy-side customers to connect and trade more efficiently.

Jim Kwiatkowski also added:

LTX’s mission and goal is more relevant than ever– to solve the deep and complex liquidity issues in the credit markets through the use of AI and advanced trading protocols. LTX’s remarkable achievements have been impressive since its launch. As we build upon this foundation, it is an honor to have the chance to lead the team.

LTX was founded in 2020. It has attracted many prominent asset managers and dealers since then. The firm has $7 billion in firm orders and $26 billion daily average volume in the Liquidity Cloud.

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