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BTC & ETH – Proving Resilient Despite Everything


BTC / Ethereum (D1)

Bitcoin Is down 5.34% The last seven days have seen the following: $23,344 level. Ethereum Meanwhile, it is at $1,625 level and also fell by 4.05% The same time. We find that the rate of decline is not as dramatic as we thought. BTCETH Cryptocurrencies as a group show a certain resilience, which is why they are at an elevated level, especially in light of the US Dollar’s rise. USDIndex Which is at 104.76, Breach 105.00 Last week.


Last Friday Core US CPE Surprisingly, the index that measures household spending, and is considered the benchmark for inflation, saw a rise.0.6% Compare 0.4%); this figure could therefore have a strong influence on the Federal Reserve‘s future monetary policy decisions.

Although, BTC And ETH These assets are known as risky assets. This phenomenon is not surprising given the fact that markets now consider the increasing risk of the Fed. Return  to bigger rate hikes. The minutes from the Fed’s most recent meeting can be found here  Published  on Wednesday revealed that some  FOMC members  favored a 0.5% Although rates have risen, US Central Bank The decision was made to slow down the…

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