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CADJPY Chart Reveals a Bearish Elliott Wave Pattern

CADJPY Chart Reveals a Bearish Elliott Wave Pattern

CADJPY, another currency pair that has produced impressive gains over the long term is CADJPY. The rate soared from a pandemic-low of 73.81 dollars in March 2020 to as high as 110.53 dollars in September 2022. This rate was a staggering 110.53 in September 2022, up from 73.81 at the pandemic low of March 2020. Gains of 49.7% In two and a quarter years, the return on many stocks is comparable to that of the stock market over the same time period.

What the market gives, it takes away. CADJPY remains at a low level despite a 670 pip recovery since the middle of March. The September 2022 high is down nearly 1000 pips. The question then is: Can the recent rally be sustained or is it a correction in a larger downtrend? Let’s try and find out with the help of the Elliott Wave chart below.

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The chart of CADJPY shows a five-wave pattern. We’ve labeled it (1)-(2)-(3)-(4)-(5) in wave I/A, where There are three degrees below the current trend. Wave (3) is a structure. Wave (5) is a diagonal ending. If the count is correct, this current recovery must be a part of a 3-wave correction in Wave II/B.

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