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Air travel was grounded in the calm before the inflation storm. Is WWE now the next meme stock to watch? Crypto softens



US stocks are rising as investors remain optimistic that the pivotal inflation report will continue demonstrating disinflation trends. ​This is the calm before the inflation storm, as we don’t see any significant positioning ahead of the CPI report. Some traders are confident that we either get a soft landing (or a not too bad recession). ​With the December inflation report showing a decrease in pricing across the board, it might not be easy. Core prices could edge up from a month ago.

Temporarily Grounded

US flights were grounded for a couple of hours after a key failure of the FAA’s pilot notification system. ​ The FAA issued a statement, “The FAA is experiencing an outage that is impacting the update of NOTAMS. All flights are unable to be released at this time.” This system is essential for safety as it provides pilots with real-time flight hazards and restrictions. ​American air travel was temporarily suspended, but is now back. United Airlines announced that they will temporarily suspend all domestic flights until the FAA provides more information.


Is WWE the next meme stock? WWE stock is drawing a lot of attention since it seems to always be in the…

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