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Cboe FX has spot FX ADV in excess of $43.9 billion for Q1


Cboe European Derivatives Exchange reported 6,574 contracts in February, exceeding the January 2023 record of 3,824. The company’s pan-European clearing house, Cboe Clear Europe, cleared a record 8 million trades on Euronext’s stock exchanges in Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Lisbon, and Milan under the preferred clearing model.

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Cboe FX recorded spot FX quarterly ADVNV of $43.9B during the first quarter, according to these figures. Spot full quarterly ADNV was $13.9 billion and Non-Deliverable Forwards quarterly ADV (NDF) was $1.1 billion.

ADV for FX increased by 9.1% in March compared to the previous month.

Cboe Australia has announced that it had completed technology migration and launched Cboe BIDS Australia at the end of this month.

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