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Centurion Invest’s CIX is still trending. What about CCA?



Centurion Invest is a promising project that provides excellent liquidity and trading platforms. It also offers secured investment plans to increase customers’ net worth and profits. The company fully registered under the Estonian Regulation as virtual asset management and exchange with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in 2021. Moreover, it also acquired Token Issuance and Listing in Zug, Switzerland, in May 2022.

This project offers many advantages to Defi users, including its native utility token. The founder team created the CIX token, which is an integral part of the CI Ecosystem. It allows the platform’s users to save money. Besides, the token holders will be able to access numerous benefits and perks within both the Centurion Invest Wallet and CI Exchange.

The company aims to facilitate access to innovation by educating investors and traders on the most advanced investment tools, as well as dynamic techniques. In addition, the trade-everything platform will empower both first-time and experienced investors to invest in the cryptos they want.

The team constantly re-evaluates what it means to invest by building simple and easy-to-use financial products for every user. With lower fees, great tools and analytics, 24/7 trading services, and real-time settlement processes spanning worldwide, the company believe that it will be able to empower customers to shape their financial future on their terms.

Furthermore, Centurion Invest aims to implement its groundbreaking investment tools and instruments into one platform. It will bring together the world of fiat with the power of crypto. This project will provide a full-service trading and exchange platform. And it will offer investors extensive awareness, in-depth learning, and a deep method of advanced investment tapping into the future of Defi.


What about the CI features? 

According to the team, the CI platform will be the heart of the financial blockchain-powered ecosystem. The key elements of this platform are CI Exchange, CI Wallet, CI Card, CI e-Banking, CI 360, and CI Academy.

CI e-Banking will enable all possible avenues to manage the highest return. It also boasts a simple and easy-to-operate interface. The platform instantly loads CI Cards with cashback rewards. It also has bonus programs. On the other hand, the CI Wallet is the company’s easy-to-use online interface. It offers users and investors the opportunity to buy or sell 300+ digital assets and investment instruments seamlessly.

There’s also CI360°. The latter enables businesses to add cryptocurrencies as a payment method along with cash, bank transfers, and credit or debit cards.

The Centurion Invest team believes that digital assets should be accessible to everyone. CI Academy plans to give users various opportunities to access the crypto world in a seamless manner and gain in the process. Moreover, CIEx is a highly secure and regulated cryptocurrency trading platform for professionals, amateur investors, and institutions.

The team stated that the CIX token currently has three core utilities within the platform. Customers who experience crypto trading in CIEx will benefit from using this token to replace the trading fee with a discounted rate. They can either pay this fee directly with CIX or automatically swap the actual trading fee (e.g., ETH) for the tokens on the open market. That means users won’t need to hold a CIX token explicitly for transacting on the protocol.

Investors should also consider that there are no entitlement, allocation, or rights to revenue of the ownership of these tokens.


What are the CIX token’s other use-cases? 

According to the project’s whitepaper, the company will put the CIX tokens stored in the staking program under the “staking rewards pool.” And it will distribute this pool proportionally among all customers who are actively staking their CIX tokens on the staking pool at regular monthly intervals.

In addition, customers’ rewards will be proportional to the amount of CIX tokens they have staked during a month relative to all other active stake users. The company will activate staking a couple of months after the token launch.

CIX token holders will be able to vote on every token-related proposal via decentralized governance. These proposals will include topics such as activating daily rewards, how to allocate token reserves, changes in token supply and voting on developer grants.

The company’s goal is to continuously add to the utility and decentralization of the CIX token through user voting. However, in order to submit a proposal for voting, a user will need to own a certain threshold of tokens, which the team will determine at a later date. The foundation will also have the right to propose items to be put to the vote that is seen as positive for the CI ecosystem as a whole. It will perform a facilitation role in the curation of proposals that all CIX token holders will vote on.

The Centurion Invest team plans to launch the token’s ICO on July 31, 2022. The sale will end on November 1, 2022, though. The total supply of CIX tokens is 2400000000. The platform will accept USD and EURO in exchange for CIX coins.


Counos Platform’s token CCA is also high-ranked 

Counos Platform’s token CCA is also high-ranked 

Counos Platform launched its native utility token CCA on June 30, 2018. The token sale will end on July 30, 2025. The founder team established the Counos Platform in 2018. Based in Switzerland, it offers many services in the domain of Blockchain technology and digital currencies.

This company aims to establish an economic community based on Blockchain technology. It wants to enable its members to further their goals and profit with the help of its technology. Counos is an open-source and decentralized global network, and as such, it suggests various financial and payment services in an all-in-one platform.

The team combined both proof-of-work and Timestamp server technologies, aiming to provide the customers with the ultimate security in online payment. In addition to the cryptos and stablecoins, this platform will also offer users a variety of other services, including decentralized exchange, payment gateway, escrow service, web wallet, mobile wallet, paper wallet, etc.  

Furthermore, Counos Platform plans to create different tools and utilities to create a safer and larger economic system. It will provide tools and utilities such as a certificate issuance system, election system, and many others.


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