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China March PMIs and Slowing Global Economy

China March PMIs and Slowing Global Economy

Overnight, Chinese stocks gained on news that could have wider reach in the tech sector. Alibaba announced plans to become a holding company and split its units into six independent entities. Each one of these companies would be able to seek outside funding and eventually be spun-off.The move was seen as providing a hopeful sign to investors in China, coming right after reports that Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma, had returned to the country. China’s tech sector has been subject to increasing regulatory scrutiny as the government tries to limit the influence of large, centrally controlled tech firms. Many analysts speculated that Alibaba’s move could be replicated by other tech companies.

A boost to China’s lagging economy?

Alibaba’s move was seen as a way to both reassure investors and regulators, leading to the jump in stock prices. It is possible that this could signal that the Chinese regulatory crackdown could be ending. By spinning off the assets, it would satisfy the government’s push to reduce the size and power of large tech firms. However, it would preserve capital, which could encourage greater investment in this sector.

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