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Coinbase launches blockchain with a vengeance

Coinbase launches blockchain with a vengeance

Experts believe that Base, in addition to creating a lucrative revenue stream from the applications associated with this project, will allow this prominent US crypto-trader to store up fees from administering their own blockchain. When delving back into Coinbase’s history, this move seems to be a part of an overall plan.

Brian Armstrong Source : LinkedIn

In 2016, Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong, described growing its business via decentralised apps (or dApps) as the fourth phase in the company’s development. The company’s shares, which went live on Nasdaq April 2021, aim to reach a billion people with this.

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Jesse Pollak from Base’s Head of Protocols, in an interview on Tuesday, stated that 100 dApps are already ready to release or have been placed in the new network. Pollak said:

The scope of crypto was historically limited and dominated by speculation. In order for Coinbase and crypto and this work that we’re doing to have the impact that we all want, we need to move from the place where this is speculation to a place where this is integrated into every part of someone’s day-to-day…

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