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Currency speculators reduce Japanese Yen bearish wagers for the sixth time in seven weeks


By InvestMacro

The latest charts and statistics regarding the Commitment of Traders, (COT), data published by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission are here.

The most recent COT data are available through Tuesday, December 13th This chart shows how large market participants (for profit speculators, and commercial traders) were placed in futures markets. All currency positions are directly related to the US dollar. A bet for the Euro is a wager that the euro will rise against the dollar, while a betting against the euro would be a wager that the euro might fall against the dollar.

Weekly Speculator changes led by Japanese Yen

The COT currency market spot speculator bets rose this week because six of the 11 currency markets we cover had higher positioning, while five other markets had lower positions.

The Japanese Yen led the gains in currency markets with 12,808 contracts. Also, the Australian Dollar (2.726 contracts), British Pound (2.3544 contracts), Brazilian Real (1.261 contracts), US Dollar Index (892 contract), and the Swiss Franc (419 contract) were all showing positive weeks.

The Canadian Dollar and the Australian Dollar were among the currencies experiencing declines in speculator betting this week.

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