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Data Communications Co. Reports Growing Revenues

Data Communications Co. Reports Growing Revenues

Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/22/23)

Data Communications Management Corp. announced recently that it has acquired a company similar to it. The company reports marked revenue growth for fiscal year 2022, compared with fiscal year 2020.

Data Communications Management Corp. Its fourth quarter revenue increased by 20%, and its gross profit rose by 33% compared with the same quarter in 2021.

EBITDA was also up by 89.9% for the same period, according to the printing and marketing service company.

The company reported that revenue increased 16.3% and gross profit rose 21.1% for the year ended Dec 31, 2022. EBITDA was also up 45.3% for the same period. Net income increased by 792.4% during the same period.

R.R. Acquisitions was announced by the company recently. Donnelley & Sons’ Canadian operations, “We believe we are well positioned to further accelerate our positive momentum,” Chief Executive Officer and President Richard Kellum said.

Clive Maund rated Data Communications an immediate strong speculative buy.

“Combining DCM and RRD Canada will better position our business for sustainable and long-term success serving customers across North America,” Kellum said. “We believe the transaction also represents a…

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