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Dukascopy will end 2022 with 200% more profit

Dukascopy will end 2022 with 200% more profit

The Group also revealed that Dukascopy Japan, Dukascopy Europe and other consolidated subsidiaries were profitable in 2022.

Veronika Duka and Andrey duka, co-chief executive officers, said:

Despite all complexities and challenges of the financial year 2022, the Bank’s profit is 200% higher than the profit for 2021. All of the Bank’s subsidiar ies were also profitable. The conservative asset allocation and liquidity management policies allowed the Bank to successfully traverse a year of extremely high market turbulence and instability, and to await with confidence and optimism further development of the Bank’s business in 2023.

Operating income last year jumped 20.7% to CHF 27.4 million from the previous year’s CHF 22.7 million. The group’s operating expenses decreased by 0.5% to CHF 19,6 million during this period.

The company’s total assets grew to CHF 196.3 million by 6.4% from CHF 184.5 million the prior year. Client deposits increased 4.3% to CHF 131.3 million from 2021’s CHF 125.9 million.

Dukascopy stated that the brokerage services provided to trading accounts was its main source of revenue for operations last year. According to an official announcement by the company, it added more than 400 new tradable…

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