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Equinix records Q3 net income of $212 Million

Equinix records Q3 net income of $212 Million

Operating income in Q3 was $333 Million, which is a 5% higher than the second quarter.

Charles Meyers is the President and CEO at Equinix.

Charles Meyers, Equinix

Charles Meyers

We had another record quarter as global demand for digital infrastructure continues to grow and customer preferences trend convincingly toward architectures that are highly distributed, persistently hybrid, deeply cloud-connected, and increasingly on-demand — all factors fueling our position as a trusted partner in digital transformation.

Even in challenging macro environments, our global reach and robust interconnected ecosystems continue attracting a broad and varied customer base. Businesses are increasingly embracing Platform Equinix as an important point of nexus for hybrid and multicloud support, and prioritize digital investments.

Equinix made a $45 million investment earlier this month in Colombia’s second data centre.

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