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Fed Harker not ready to make a final decision on the next hike


Philadelphia Fed’s Harker said he’s “not ready to make a final decision” on the next rate hike yet.

“If we start to see demand soften — and we are seeing some signs that demand is starting to soften in certain sectors of the economy. And if it’s softening quicker than I anticipate, then it may be appropriate to go with a 50,” he added. “If it’s not, then it’s probably appropriate to go with the 75. But let’s see how the data turns out in the next few weeks.”

“I think we’ve been very clear that we need to move to a restrictive stance,” he said. “How we get there is dependent on the data. So we can’t be that precise, [with] what we’re going to be doing in September or December right now. I mean, the data will dictate that.”

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