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Fusotao Protocol’s hot ICO will start soon. What about CRT?



The Fusotao Protocol is an interesting project that has much to offer. As the verification protocol for an orderbook-based matching system, it uses the paradigm of “execute off-chain – verify on-chain”. The decentralized infrastructure of Fusotao powers the project. It also boasts trust-free orderbook-based matching systems with low latency can be built and zero-cost gas. According to the team, the process of order submission, certification generation, order matching, and other processes runs on a centralized off-chain server, using the method of off-chain matching. This server enables traders to obtain the same fast and user-friendly trading experience as CEXs.

Furthermore, through the method of on-chain verification, the platform will make transactions only after the verification. Thus, it will ensure the security of the user’s assets. However, to create the secure, decentralized, fast, and scalable Fusotao protocol, the team needed a complete set of Token economic incentive mechanisms. The latter will enable all participants in the ecosystem to maintain the operation of the Fusotao system together.

The company needs to appropriately allocate the proportion of tokens and unlocking cycle to give full play to the initiative of investors, developers, and community participants. After all, it aims the Fusotao Protocol to achieve long-term prosperity. In addition, the team will use incentives to make sure that block packers, transaction participants, transaction certification service providers, and community governance will achieve sufficient liquidity, and security, along with the stability of on-chain financial products.


Why is the TAO token trending? 

The Fusotao Protocol has its own native utility token – TAO. It is the most important factor that motivates the protocol to function properly. The token is also vital for the proof of community governance, platform development, transaction verification, and repurchase. The total supply of TAO is 100 million. The company plans to launch its ICO sale on July 25, 2022. This token offers many advantages to its holders.

Besides, the Fusotao Protocol is a completely decentralized, non-licensed community protocol. As a result, the company will generate most of its tokens by community mining and distribute them to community members who maintain the operation of the protocol and carry out transactions. The team noted that community rewards account for 63% of the total supply. It set aside 48% for transaction rewards. 7.5% is for verification rewards while staking rewards account for 7.5%.

Developers have important roles in the Fusotao ecosystem. They are responsible for building various infrastructures and maintenance of protocols. The official development team will receive a total of 8% TAO tokens within five years. They will use some of that amount for airdrop and testnet incentives.

The company also planned to list 4% of TAO tokens on the CEXs and DEXs such as Ref Finance within 3 months after the mainnet launched to provide initial liquidity. The founders stated that for the growth and prosperity of the community, it is necessary to have a professional team composed of content producers, designers, application developers, coordinators, media reporters and legal advisers. Thus, they reserved 6% of the native tokens to set up a project development foundation to motivate these valuable contributors.


Fusotao Protocol’s hot ICO will start soon. What about CRT?

What about the community rewards? 

The company stated that it would allocate 63% of TAO tokens to community members participating in the Protocol. That includes community traders, as well as block validator and TAO staking participants. They are the main contributors, ensuring the stable operation of the Fusotao Protocol.

The three participants will get TAO rewards through PoV, PoT, and PoS. Moreover, individuals and official global ambassadors contributing to the Protocol will receive market and developer rewards. This protocol is a set of matching and verification protocols. Users can complete transactions and obtain their proof without assets custody, simply doing that through on-chain authorization and off-chain order-book matching. The whole process is based on automate-trust rather instead of human trust.

Moreover, the trading itself is the core of the whole system. Fusotao protocol also introduced the Proof-of-Trading to motivate transactions to obtain TAO rewards. When customers trade on DEXs powered by this protocol, they will get TAO tokens according to the trading volume in one era (about 24hrs). The company will use 48 million TAO tokens, accounting for 48% of the total supply, specifically for PoT rewards.


Cantina is also offering promising tokens

Cantina is an interesting and immersive game. It offers players to experience intergalactic adventure as they drink, loot, and raid their way to victory. According to the plot, the Cantina is the place for all races to gather, and drink to their hearts’ content while conducting unsavoury deals and schemes. The crowd is lively, but if the player makes one wrong move, they’ll find trouble among these delinquents.

Users will be able to find their drinking buddy amongst the bounty hunters, space pirates, smugglers, and mercenaries. They can also try their luck in the ring as they duke it out against the most formidable of competitors in the Battle Royale.

The team offers gamers to give in to the temptations of epic loot and bountiful rewards. They will be able to form alliances with unlikely crews and take down their rivals in the ultimate space conquest. The Cantina’s world is always rowdy and buzzing, but it always has room for more. Players just need to gather their team, equip their crew with good gear, and enter the arena of Cantina Royale to earn their rewards.


When will its ICO sale start? 

The platform has its own native token CRT. It plans to launch the ICO sale on July 14, 2022. The price of 1 CRT will be 0.04 USD during the initial coin offering. The team aims to raise $1,500,000 with the sale. While the total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000, only 19,17% are available for sale.

As a top-down tactical arcade shooter game, Cantina Royale features both single-player and intense online multiplayer battles. This platform aims to deliver a unique gaming experience with distinct game assets, and dynamic gameplay, as well as opportunities to earn through entering the world of galactic battles. It boasts three features that increase the chances of its success: Co-op Gameplay, Unique Characters, and Space Conquest.


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