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GAGARIN offers space for innovative projects. What is ARTY?



GAGARIN is a launchpad for promising and innovative projects. It offers a great platform for creators from all over the world to develop their projects and gain handsomely in the process. GAGARIN experts will evaluate and finalize each project. Moreover, the company will launch its IDO. It has its native utility token, GGR. The token holders will be able to buy coins from promising startups at the point of their launch and profit from that.

The GAGARIN team plans to launch the ICO sale in May 2022. GGR is a BEP-20 token. Its price will be 0.13 USD per token during the initial coin offering. The company aims to raise 3,000,000 with the sale. The total amount of tokens is 100,000,000, but only 25% will be available at the first stage.

GAGARIN plans to build its platform on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. However, startups will be able to place their tokens for IDO on other blockchains in the future. As you know, Gagarin is the name of the first man to go into space. However, the founder team thinks that it’s not just a name – it is the brand of the early space era. For the team members, Gagarin personifies the cutting-edge technologies, as well as the successful teamwork of numerous experts in many fields. That’s why they decided to name their platform GAGARIN.

This is a platform for project incubation, IDO launching, acceleration, and consequent support. It will allow startup projects to get help from the expert community in areas such as platform development, marketing, security, and financial and legal services. The company’s mission is to help prospective projects realize their potential. It will help its clients to occupy a significant market share.


Will the GAGARIN project achieve success? 

The present-day market of Defi projects shows active growth. Creators and developers started thousands of projects in the first month of the year 2022. Most analysts forecast the monthly figure to increase further. People are already integrating cryptocurrency projects into the real-world economy and human activities.

The GAGARIN team is certain that new projects will grow in number, and developers’ ideas will be ever more daring. Moreover, institutional investors and enthusiasts already appreciate the new industry’s prospects. However, many ideas lack experience and technical expertise for a successful start. Some projects cannot leap from exciting ideas to real accomplishments. In addition, the expert community is growing slower. And this shortage of experts affects each stage of a new project launch, from its architecture to development and investment decisions.

Some institutional investors manage to facilitate the search for projects and their expert evaluation, but the cost is high. Besides, private investors often have no clue where to invest their funds at public rounds. As a result, many high-potential projects are left unnoticed, and investors lose great opportunities.

Finding clients for professional teams is another critical issue. Unfortunately, that isn’t easy. Cryptocurrency startups and professional teams are very useful to each other – the former can get services they need, while the latter can get rewards (mostly the tokens) and enjoy additional income.


What will the GAGARIN platform offer its clients?

What will the GAGARIN platform offer its clients? 

The GAGARIN team pointed out that there are three categories of market players: professional teams providing various services for projects; startups aiming to realize their potential and occupy a decent share of the market; and investors whose goal is to profit from the projects’ value growth.

These three categories pursue similar goals, but despite that, they often find it difficult to arrange mutually beneficial cooperation. That’s where the GAGARIN comes in. It offers a simple yet elegant solution: bringing together specialists and startups and providing retail investors with the conclusions of technical expert evaluation. The alliance of professional companies that partnered with the platform will perform the latter.

Startups, experts, and investors alike will be the platform’s users and community members. Therefore, a major goal of the company is to create a large and active community while simultaneously satisfying the interests of all three categories of market players.

By partnering with the GAGARIN platform, professional teams of experts will be able to access the client base and join promising projects. On the other hand, projects will have access to technical expert evaluation, as well as necessary assistance for successful launch and promotion.
Meanwhile, retail investors will easily make rational investment decisions based on the professional assessment of the platform’s expert community.

The main objective of GAGARIN’s incubation program is to find high-potential projects in their early development phase. After that, the company will provide high-level advice and technical expertise. The technological process of the platform includes: finding a project and making its technical expert evaluation; the project’s incubation and acceleration; its launch and IDO; and giving all needed support to its clients.

According to the team, the economic model of GAGARIN is based on its native token. The company’s tokenomic model allows capturing the community’s attention to launched projects permanently.


What is the Artyfact metaverse, and how does it work? 

The Artyfact metaverse is another great project with big potential. The team will divide it into two types of areas: urban and gaming. Users will attend NFT exhibitions and 3D marketplaces in urban areas, buy NFTs, property and clothes, and virtual lands. They will also participate in events such as paid or free meetings, virtual runway shows, concerts, and learning classes. 

On the other hand, the game areas will serve as arenas, where Artyfact citizens will play various games, like racing, battle royale, and adventure. To participate in the game, users will need to place a bet in $ARTY or NFTs. The winners will receive the bets of other participants.

ARTY is the native utility token of the platform. The team will start its ICO sale in May 2022. The price of this BEP-20 token will be 0.35 USD during the initial coin offering. However, its value will increase afterwards. The total supply of tokens is 100,000,000, but the company intends to raise 5,000,000 in the first stage. Artyfact’s audience will be very wide. However, NFT artists, NFT collectors, gamers, brands, celebrities and influencers will have the greatest interest in the platform.


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