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How to install custom MT4 indicators in Forex Tester 5.


Forex Tester 5 has a great feature: the ability to create custom indicators.

You can then use Forex Tester’s analysis and trade journaling tools. The same indicators are used in live trading with MetaTrader.

This really speeds up the backtesting process.

MetaTrader is a manual backtesting program that can be used by itself. It works well, but it is cumbersome.

There are however some restrictions when you import indicators into Forex Tester.

In this tutorial I will show you how you can add custom MT4 indicators in Forex Tester 5 and explain why it might not prove to be as useful as you think.

You can find the text version below the video if you prefer.

How to Add a New Forex Indicator in Forex tester 5

Forex Tester 5 requires you to be on the following page in order to add an indicator. Home Tab in the upper left corner, then click on List of IndicatorsIf so, Install a new indicator.

There will be a small window which will allow you install the indicator.

To choose the file to be installed, click the button with three dots.

install new indicator box

You have 2 types to choose from when you add indicator files to FT5.

  • .dll
  • .mq4

Forex Tester indicator files are saved as a.dll.

The issue with…

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