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How to place a stop loss order


Stop loss is one of trading’s most important types.

This tutorial will explain what a stop-loss order is and how to use it. I’ll also answer some commonly asked questions at the conclusion.

This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about how to enter a stop-loss.

What is a Stop Loss Order (or Stop Loss Order)?

Every trading platform I have seen has a stop-loss feature.

While some are more intuitive than others, the fundamental function of each one is the same.

A stop loss order allows traders to limit their losses in a losing trade and lock in their profits on winning trades.  

More precisely, a stop-loss is a pending order that can only be executed if the price exceeds your stop loss limit.

A pending orphan order is one that remains on the broker’s server indefinitely until the order conditions are met. The price must reach the stop-loss price in the case of a Stop Loss order.

When price reaches your stop loss price it becomes a market order. This means it will execute the trade at next available opportunity.

It means that someone must be willing to trade with you.

In large liquid markets, trades are usually filled quickly and at a very high rate of…

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