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Market Update – January 20 – USD Wallows, Stocks Weaker, Japanese Inflation at 41-year high


More US dataUnemployment Claims & Philly Fed Manu IndexUSD (USDIndex under 102.00) & Wall St. (-0.76% – -0.96%). US hit its most recent debt ceiling ($31.4 Trillion) as Republicans try to rein in Biden’s spending. Postponement of potential default to June 5. FED speakers make more Hawkish comments, even Dove Vice Chairs. Brainard) talking 5.00%+ terminal rates failed to rally USD. Bonds picked upThe US 10-year yield declined to 3.41%. Asia markets are rising ahead of Lunar New Year holidays due to the massive Chinese population moving and all the potential risks. Inflation Japan Hit a 41-year high at 4.0% And the PBOC Rates held at 3.65%. NETFLIX shares-3.23%) rallied +7.12% After hours of subscriber numbers beating and CEO Hastings Step down, and moved to Chair  

  • The USD Index The rally began at 7.5 mth lows 101.25, Tuesday, held 101.70 yesterday, but continues to break the 102.00  handle.   
  • EUR – holds at 1.0825 Now, you have been tested below 1.0800 yesterday, following a new  8-mth high over 1.0880 This week. 
  • JPY – Bounced from sub 128.00 Lows 127.80 Trades and business activities north of 129.00 Following Japanese inflation data.  Yen It is the G7’s weakest currency today.
  • GBP –…

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