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Midterms 2022 – Issues and Implications


Today, November 8, Americans will vote to elect new members of Congress. A third of the United States Senate is also called to the polls. According to polls, Republicans are expected to win approximately 25 seats on the 435 that includes the House of Representatives. This would give them the majority, and possibly the seat they need to control the Senate.

When we consider how vital the financing of an election campaign is, this likely success can be attributed to the effort of Republican donors. These mid-term elections will set a new expenditure record (more that) 9 billion dollars raised). Visual Capitalist¹ This data can be illustrated by sorting the list of top 10 donors by party. $168 For the Democrats, it was worth millions $338 Millions for the Republicans

These elections were held two years after a presidential election and are important because they could offer the chance of overturning the government. Joe Biden . Concretely, if the majority members of the Chamber are Republicans, the Democratic Party won’t be able to fight the opposition and the government would fall into a cohabitation which…

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