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Monex Group’s operating income falls 18% during Q3 FY23 and reports net loss in TradeStation, crypto, and other business


The basic earnings per share year-to-date also fell significantly to ¥7.27 from ¥48.19 reported for the same period in 2021.

Three major segments contribute to the business performance of the group – the Japanese segment, the US segment (TradeStation), and the crypto assets segment. TradeStation is showing improvement in recent months and the Japanese business provides steady profits. The unfavorable markets have led to losses for the crypto business.

Monex Group said in its financial report:

The strategy change of August 2022 has seen a significant improvement in operating income in US Segment (TradeStation). In the future, in addition to the steady earnings in the Japan Segment (TradeStation), the Crypto Asset Segment will have profit upside potential if the crypto asset market recovers.

For nine months to December 2022, TradeStation registered a net loss of ¥2,089 million, compared to (3,808) during the previous year.

The crypto sector reported net loss of ¥724, while the previous year, it registered a ¥14,942 million profit.

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