Home Trading Ninja Warriors ICO (NWT), is in trend. But what about its game? 

Ninja Warriors ICO (NWT), is in trend. But what about its game? 


Ninja Warriors ICO (NWT), is in trend. How about the game?

Ninja Warriors is an immersive new game that features great graphics and advanced features. The platform was developed using blockchain technology. It integrates the Play-To-Earn model (P2E), and the Move-To-Earn model (M2E). Customers will be able to use the company’s innovative platform which employs both M2E and P2E as well as fair tokenomics. The ultimate goal of the company is to achieve widespread adoption and worldwide popularity. But the team also wants to make gaming profitable for its clients.

The company launched the platform’s native utility token on February 9, 2023. The Ninja Warriors ICO will close on May 10, 2023. The NWT token ranks high on various ICO listing sites. It has a total supply of 900,000,000. The initial coin offering was only 25% funded by the team. According to the company 20% is for stakes and 8% goes to marketing.

The project’s founder and CEO is Jason Cheng. Jason Cheng hopes to create a world where players can enjoy an engaging game while also making money. They will have fun and the platform Ninja Warriors will make it profitable. Cheng is also hoping to build a community that addresses the physical…

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