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No Really… I HATE To Say I Told Ya So


And abracadabra, the markets are into a late August swoon:



I’m shocked, just **SHOCKED** that the markets would run into massive inventory levels…

… only for the exulted Experts® at the Federal Reserve to start talking smack about how they’re not done hiking rates.

Powell has a big speech at the end of the week over at Jackson Hole, and the market is looking for anything to hold onto.

Yeah, yeah… the Central Planners will always tell us they don’t care about what equities are doing…

That they only care about inflation and full employment… 

All while turning the knobs and dials of the credit markets…

But behind the scenes, they’re chain smoking and glued to the charts.

The problem is, right now, we’re in a situation where narrative control matters more than the actions they take. 

They’re playing a shadow game of trying to project their decisions so when they do hike (again), it won’t create too much of a ruckus.

So when the market rallies too far, too fast, they’ll try to talk it down.

And when the market is taking a huge dump, they’ll start changing their language.

Of course… we warned you. 

We showed you how a ton of inventory is coming online.

We talked about the “tap on the shoulder” from some key levels in the markets

And we also shared with you a huge level in the bond market that was violated on Friday.

So while everyone else is panicking and stopping out of positions, over at PVA we are scaling out of some puts and looking for fresh opportunities.

Of course, we sharpen our pencils and do our homework to stay on the balls of our feet in this market…

But we also have a secret weapon:

>>> Follow This Trading Roadmap To Stay Nimble In These Whipsaw Markets

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Author: Steven Place

Steven Place is the Chief Strategist at Market Traders Daily. MTD helps investors and traders identify high-profit setups through world-class analysis and trade alerts.

Steven has been developing trade systems and risk management techniques for a decade now.

Through the use of a select few option strategies, Steven teaches clients how to build aggressive and sustainable wealth in the options market.

He lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida with his wife and daughter.

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