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REVO and AVO tokens are in the spotlight. Why’s that?



Revoland is a promising project that has recently attracted lots of attention on the market. A Metaverse Game development company from London, Chain X Game, created Revoland. This company focuses on traditional game and blockchain development. Its first project, Puppy Planet, was a huge success, and it managed to complete multiple milestones in just three months. The team wants to maintain the development momentum of the Chain X Game. Thus, it offers Revoland’s players a brand-new, extreme play-to-earn game experience through the most popular game types nowadays.

Moreover, Revoland aims to explore the feasible combination of chain games and traditional games. Revoland has a professional team who aims to create a new crypto game world. To achieve that goal, it is discussing various possibilities with some mainstream game companies in the traditional gaming industry, such as 4:33 Creative Lab and 505 Games.

The project has great partners, as well, which is a big benefit for the company. Among them are experts and talents from multiple industries, including technology integration, business planning, blockchain system development, game publishing, game production, etc.

The company also announced its cooperation with Khalaspay, a tier-one professional payment service company, and Earnathon. The latter is a gaming guild that is dedicated to ecosystem-driven Gamefi education in Africa. With these partnerships, Revoland aims to solve the payment pain points for global players and help power the platform along the way. Besides, one of the most well-known figures in Venture Capital – Jennifer Zhu Scott, is on the company’s advisory board, and she will help develop it to a new level.


What makes Revoland stand out among the other Defi projects? 

Even though Defi is still new, it is already obvious that the power of GameFi and the developing trend of Web3 will reshape the future of the gaming industry. However, GameFi is still in its early stage currently. It’s facing multiple challenges, including a poor user experience, a lack of diversification, incomplete ecosystems, a high threshold for player participation, and so on.

Chain X Game created Revoland to offer solutions for these problems. This game depends on communities to help empower the platform. Moreover, the development team is constantly engaging with the community to determine which games and features are most sought-after by users. That helps ensure that the team spends resources to deliver the games and experiences that people really want. The company will produce assets that are uniquely tailored to its players. It also wants to help build a bridge between Metaverse and Web 3.0, which will reshape the interaction and relationships between gamers and data with no central controlling node.

Revoland’s team aims to create an open-chain game aggregation platform, linking games, players, guilds, and the GameFi community. In fact, it plans to offer the infrastructure of GameFi in the Web 3 era. The company has ambitious goals. The team noted that it wants Revoland to become the world leader in GameFi aggregation services, thus, creating a suite of comprehensive features in the Web3 ecosystem. It will also streamline existing industrial processes to optimize the user experience and empower both players and games.

The company created the platform’s native utility token REVO. Its ICO sale will start on June 14, 2022. And it will end on June 21, 2022. The token price will be $0.590000 during the initial coin offering.


AVOTEO’s token continues rallying. Why’s that? 

AVOTEO’s token continues rallying. Why’s that? 

AVOTEO announced creating a crowdfunding platform with an integrated talent pool. The project will have its own native token, AVO. Its holders will have the right to vote on the projects they want to get funding. The team will select the most voted projects on a regular basis and give them the funding from a funding wallet. In return, financed projects will assign company shares to AVOTEO. Thus, AVO holders will also participate in the success of the projects.

The company reached the soft cap on September 25th and began preparations for the launch of the platform. It is also negotiating with potential partners and creating first drafts for the look and feel of the platform. The team aims to make the AVOTEO experience entertaining, exciting, and successful for all stakeholders.

According to the company, the investors will gain a lot of money thanks to this project. All they have to do is to hold AVO-Tokens in their wallet. That gives investors the right to vote on the projects they want to be funded. Moreover, it entitles users to participate in governance votes. They will receive passive income through redistribution.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs will have a chance to present their projects, find new team members, and enjoy a supportive environment. They will face the competition to secure funding, though. Still, professionals will be able to introduce their talents. They can choose to work on projects as a freelancer or apply to join a project team. However, solid software development takes time. So, the team will develop and release the platform’s features gradually.


What are AVOTEO’s features? 

This platform will enable users to present their projects and apply for funding. They will also be able to vote for projects and participate in their success. An investor can vote for projects they think are promising and share their success in the future. Additional financial contribution is not necessary, as the team will fund the winning projects from the funding wallet. The project stage is the place where projects will have a chance to attract investors and convince them to vote for them.

There is also the talent pool. This feature allows users to find potential team members as project owners. They can also offer their services to other users and find projects they can participate in as a professional. Everyone will be able to contribute and find their place in the community.

Besides voting on projects, the AVO token holders will also have a say in the future development of the AVOTEO platform itself. The team will listen to the community and implement viable suggestions. The company’s hot AVO token is already available, as well. It’s currently trading for 0.05 USD. The total supply of AVO is 1,000,000,000.


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