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Shopayment offers an innovative platform. What about SPAY?



Shopayment is a promising e-commerce platform that has already attracted investors’ attention. This network enables users to shop online by using cryptos. Besides, it offers various other advantages. Customers can use this platform in various kinds of e-commerce, including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and other similar e-commerce stores.

The company has created this project believing that the technology has advanced sufficiently to offer much more than is available now. Shopayment will provide innovative services. This e-commerce platform will utilize cryptos as its main means of conducting transactions. At the same time, it will provide its clients with lots of benefits and incentives.

Moreover, Shopayment has its own native utility token, SPAY. Unlike some other utility coins, customers will be able to use SPAY on other e-commerce platforms. This currency will help businesses and users to bridge various payment processing barriers. The latter is a well-known plague for traditional e-commerce platforms nowadays.

The Shopayment team plans to overcome some disadvantages of utilizing digital currencies. While cryptos have come very far since their first launch, there are still some obstacles when it comes to using them freely. Sometimes those are high fees, low liquidity, or other similar problems. But Shopayment wants to ensure that its customers will experience no such discomforts and hindrances.

The platform will enable super-fast transaction processing. It will also offer low processing fees or charges. Most crypto projects have either very slow websites. Slow transaction speeds are often the main deterrent for users, not to mention skyrocketing gas fees. These factors negatively affect the efficiency and progress of some crypto-based projects that could have a good start otherwise. Shopayment aims to provide quality service to avoid such a fate.


What about the SPAY token’s ICO? 

The company launched its native token on September 10, 2022. The sale will end on October 10, 2022. The token is trading for 0.001 USD per 1 SPAY during the initial coin offering. Moreover, the total supply of coins is 1000000000, but only 40% is available at this stage.

The team plans to encourage the integration of various businesses on its platform. It hopes to build a huge community with people who share interests in different crypto assets and e-commerce. Shopayment will provide a transparent and secure space for them to share their ideas and help the development of Defi.

Users will be able to list their products for sale on the Shopayment platform. This online shop will have a wide audience. Meanwhile, the $SPAY token will become the default medium of transaction processing on the platform. While the latter’s basic functionality is a trade (sellers list their goods while customers will buy them), it stands out among other similar traditional platforms with the ability to receive crypto payments. However, users will have to pay with the SPAY tokens.

SPAY isn’t only a payment coin, though. It has other utilities, as well. The customers will be able to buy or sell digital and physical items by using these tokens. But the team plans to add governance functionalities in the future. That will enable token holders to participate in the platform’s future development.


What makes Shopayment unique? 

Unfortunately, most crypto projects can’t meet customer demand when the platform grows. With the increased user base, the website slows, and transactions take more time. Various factors affect the platform’s infrastructure and cause such problems. And users tend to lose faith in projects due to such issues eventually.

There are also exceptions, such as the two most well-known blockchains, Bitcoin and Ethereum. They both have a very high volume of transactions conducted daily. But there is one downside. These chains do not scale up to contain customers’ needs. Their network has limited capacity in some ways. And fees are quite high, while some transactions are slow. That’s understandable, considering the platform’s traffic.

The Shopayment team decided to try solving such problems. It will utilize a chain network to eliminate slower transaction times, as well as reduce charged fees. The company also plans to offer users advanced functionalities and a very fast and dependable platform.


Shopayment offers an innovative platform. What about SPAY?

BKN token’s ICO sale will start soon. What does it offer? 

BKN token is still hot, and its popularity is increasing. The company plans to launch another ICO sale on November 1, 2022. It will end on December 31, 2022. The total supply of tokens is 150,000,000, but only some percentage will be available for purchase. 1 BKN will trade for 0.08 USD during the initial coin offering. 

BKN is the Brickken platform’s native utility token. The latter is creating a dApp that will provide the tools needed to issue Security Tokens. Thus, the customers will be able to create their own tokens without hiring developers or pogromists anywhere worldwide. They will just need to use the state-of-the-art blockchain technology that Brickken offers.

Furthermore, the platform’s technology allows self-crowdfunding, which is another great advantage. Its user interface is very easy-to-use, and even inexperienced customers will have no problem with it. Brickken will also provide individuals and businesses great opportunities for raising funding through tokenization. They won’t need intermediaries thanks to this project.

The team aims to help asset owners raise decentralized funding. On the Brickken platform, they will be able to utilize blockchain-based technology to do that. As a result, customers will have a chance to generate passive revenue easily.

Furthermore, the company will standardize the process by which tokenization services and asset tokenization are executed worldwide. It will also facilitate tokenization through its decentralized application.


What about Brickken’s features? 

The platform offers many advanced features. Its utility token BKN is one of the most important. Users will need it for making transactions on the platform.

There is also a decentralized app. The latter can provide the simplest way to issue security token initiatives, as well as initiate an STO. Meanwhile, the platform’s dashboard allows investors to browse and buy various tokenized assets using the BKN tokens. Besides, the company uses smart contracts that facilitate legal and regulatory compliance.

The Brickken team hopes that its decentralized protocol will become the legally compliant tokenization standard worldwide. It plans to continue development until Brickken becomes a full turnkey solution.


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