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Spectrum Markets has added SocGen to its portfolio as a liquidity provider, market maker and new financial instrument in Spain and Scandinavia.


Nicky Maan is Spectrum Markets CEO.

Nicky Maan, Spectrum Markets

Nicky Maan
Source: LinkedIn

We’ve always said we want to list only those products that are most interesting for European retail investors, focusing on what they are actually going to use, and the new products from Societe Generale certainly fit that mould. Our priority is to offer more investment options, both in terms of duration and underlyings. We expect this to greatly increase trading volumes as well as liquidity.

Spectrum Markets has increased its digital infrastructure by 400% in order to handle the increase in order flow and to provide quote data.

Spectrum Markets recently reported a turnover jump of 136% in the third quarter of the year, reaching €836 million.

Turbo warrants trading with Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) were added to the company’s offering in May.

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