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Spirituality in trading

Spirituality in trading

Traditional traders have kept spirituality a taboo subject. Many traders who are successful I know have a spiritual practice but don’t openly discuss it.

It is possible that trading has been traditionally a male-dominated profession, where feelings have been considered weak or a liability.

Depending on the study, however, up to 90% of new traders eventually fail to be consistently profitable.

The old model is clearly not working. 

Trading is difficult because of a lack of connection to your soul.

This may seem absurd right now. You don’t have to believe me?

I think there is a small portion of you who agree with me. But the rest of us are skeptical.

That’s completely normal, I get it. I don’t require you to believe me.

Let’s talk about spirituality and how it can help you trade long-term success. 

The 3 Human Elements of Trading

To become a successful trader, we need to be aware of three things.

This will enable you to consciously improve in these areas.

You don’t need to know anything about them.

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