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On Friday, the dollar firmed. What is the sterling’s trading performance?


On Friday, the dollar strengthened. What is the sterling’s trading performance? 

After fluctuating so much over the past few sessions, the U.S. dollar stabilized today. The volatility in forex markets was a result of investors anticipating U.S. employment data. The latter is due today and will influence the dollar’s course.

Meanwhile, the Japanese currency plunged. The greenback increased by 0.64% in comparison to the JPY. The Bank of Japan recently stated that it will continue to maintain its ultra-easy policy. This was the announcement made at Haruhiko Kuroda’s last meeting. In April, he will resign. Traders expected such a result, but the yen plunged by 0.5%. The USD/JPY exchange traded at 136.79.

Investors expect the bank will gradually change its policy over the next few months, despite that. The yen will be rewarded if such predictions are correct. The yen suffered greatly when Japan and other central banks raised rates. The next governor may be more open to changing the situation.

Friday’s plunge in U.S. and European bank shares, along with Asian banks, was accompanied by a drop in Asian ones. This news had a negative impact on the markets. The result was that both U.S. and European government bond yields fell. The safe-haven greenback was supported…

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