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Trade & Forex Thunderbolt indicator is a non-repaint & user-friendly system. It is very easy to use. Because, the indicator will forecast Entry Point, Stop Loss, Take Profit 1, Take Profit 2, Take Profit 3.

How to install this Forex Template.

Open mt4 platform>open data folder>Open mql4>Open indicator folder>insert ex4.files> open template folder>insert tpl.file>Restart meta trader platform>otherwise refresh Navigator>Load any currency chart>load template.

This Forex system has three kinds of templates.

  1. Safe mode-In this mode indicator will forecast a little number of signals. this template is good for beginners to forex.
  2. Standard mode-This is the most popular system.
  3. The aggressive mode-This template is good for more experienced forex traders.

How to trade with Trade and Forex Thunderbolt.

There are two color arrows. When a red arrow appears you can enter for a sell signal. At that time indicator will forecast Stop loss level & take profit levels. When you get a Blue arrow you can enter to buy trade.

Stop your trading before half & hour of high-impact news. Because, if market volatility increases, the indicator will be forecast a lot of false signals. Otherwise, It will be effect your account balance. Also, enter again to the forex market after half & hour or one hour later from high impact news.

Free Download Forex Thunderbolt Indicator.

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