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After Kwarteng’s budget brought down the Truss government, there was much riding on the presentation of the new fiscal plans. Many details were leaked ahead of Hunt’s takeover with the promise to a radical overhaul. It was not surprising that the new government is focusing its efforts on tax increases and spending cuts to fill the gap. “fiscal black hole” It is partly due in part to the rising cost of financing debt.

With the fiscal watchdog confirming that the UK is already in recession, it remains to be seen whether Hunt manages to restore confidence not just with the markets but also with the general population, which is threatening to glide into a “doom-loop”.

Hunt’s plan will lift the tax burden for all, as the personal allowance and basic and higher thresholds will be frozen until 2028. According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, this will force 3 million people to pay higher rates by 2026. The Chancellor also announced that the GBP threshold at which income tax’s top rate applies will be reduced. 150K To GBP 125.14. Instead of eliminating the top 45% rate as Kwarteng had planned, taxpayers will now be more subject to it.

Hunt stated that he will not cut capital spending for two…

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