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Week Ahead – Control of Congress

Week Ahead – Control of Congress



Investors will closely monitor inflation to determine if it moderates. This week will be a huge week for the markets. Wall Street will be paying close attention to the midterm election results. Wall Street will also closely monitor inflation to see if it falls below a 40 year high. According to polls, Republicans appear to have a high chance of winning both the Senate or House.  

The inflation report and the midterm elections will be closely followed by traders. They will also monitor the preliminary University of Michigan Survey. Although sentiment is expected to improve, traders will be closely monitoring inflation expectations which have been rising.  


It was a quiet week in terms of data from the upper-tier, so next week’s focus will be on comments from ECB policymakers, including President Lagarde, on Monday. 


The dust continues to settle in the UK but as BoE Governor Bailey indicated last week, it’s going to take time to regain confidence and credibility in the markets. The events of the last couple of months have severely damaged the UK’s reputation which was already tarnished by those of recent years. All eyes are now focused on the 17th November’s Autumn Statement. 

We’ll get a steady stream of BoE commentary…

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