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What is the Sandbox?

What is the Sandbox?

What is the Sandbox?

The Sandbox, which is basically a video game that uses the Ethereum blockchain and was launched in 2012 by Pixowl to allow players to have a piece of the world through non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The Sandbox, one of the largest Ethereum-based metaverses allows you to create and share your gaming assets, as well as monetize them.

That can be done using the game’s products and services, which include VoxEdit, the Marketplace, and Game Maker.

VoxEdit allows you to create NFT game assets. The Marketplace lets you sell or buy those assets. Game Maker, last but not least allows you to create your own gaming experiences easily without programming.

You can own your Sandbox properties and in-game assets. You can also sell these assets to make money in real life. Sounds like a good deal, right?

The Sandbox also uses NFTs to allow players to experience the virtual world. Users can enjoy NFTs such qualities as authenticity, security, and scarcity.

Although virtual gaming is not new, it’s a concept that allows players to monetize their creations and retain ownership. The Sandbox is disrupting this market, you guys.

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