Home Market BoJ asked Yen to surrender Forecast as of 09.01.2023

BoJ asked Yen to surrender Forecast as of 09.01.2023


Despite statements that there won’t be any fundamental change in monetary policy, investors do not believe BoJ. It has already made adjustments in its yield curve control policies. What about the USDJPY. Let’s get to the bottom of this issue and come up with a trading strategy.

Weekly yen fundamental forecast

The consequences of not making an important decision are worse the longer they wait. The BoJ made a move by increasing its 10-year bond yield target range to +//0.25% to +//0.5%. The derivatives market expects that it will continue. The BoJ should keep normalizing monetary policies. Futures signal another half-a-point widening of the trading… Read full author’s opinion and review in blog of #LiteFinance

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